Access Control Systems

M&P Security Solutions access control systems help regulate movement of people into and within your building to help protect employees, assets, and information. We have proudly partnered with Linear, HID, and CDVI because of their proven track record of developing high quality and innovative products. We specialize in IP access control systems because they are easier manage, more flexible to match the changing needs of today's businesses, and are more cost effective over time than traditional panel systems.

Every system that we install is fully capable of functioning on either a UPS or batter backup and in some cases a combination of both. This means added security for you and your employees even during an outage. We even integrate with today's modern fire alarm systems to ensure the safety of your employees and customers in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Avoid problems with lock and key and have the ability to know where people are while on your premises. Access control is also a means of accurately recording who is in your building without having to rely on sign in sheets.

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