boat camera

Boat Cameras

As avid boaters, we have seen an absolute need for seeing better on the water during low light conditions. If you are a boat owner, chances are you have been out during a dark night wishing there was more light. The only current option most boat owners have is using their handheld spotlight to sweep back and forth in front of the moving boat in an attempt to see any barges, debris in the water, or buoys. We all know that hitting a marker buoy or log in the water is a good way to ruin your boat and potentially injure passengers on your boat.

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Rugged-CCTV to offer their amazing line of marine night vision cameras to our fellow Pittsburgh boaters.

MaxNightTM Technology

Allows for extreme ambient light amplification - turn night into day!

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom)

Thermal models also available.

7" Water Proof LCD

Includes Monitor to mount to your dash board

Stern Cameras also available

Pair with a mobile DVR to record all your tubing and water-skiing fun!

Docked at a marina?

No problem! We can install the system on your boat while it's on the water!