At M&P, we have a belief that there is no measure on the importance of protecting your loved ones. Life safety and asset protection is a forefront concern for every system that we design. Whether you are looking for a basic alarm systems, whole home automation, or HD video surveillance, we have a solution for you. We take great pride in assessing the specific security goals of each customer to ensure that the unique challenges of every living space are addressed.

We offer free on-site security assessments to each of our customers performed by seasoned field technicians. We feel that by involving technicians in the sales process, we ensure that the scope of work is accurately measured in the first meeting. We do not offer cookie cutter security packages as we feel that every customer deserves the opportunity to help us build the best system for your individual situation.

  • Burglary monitoring for a potential unwanted intrusion which alerts you and the authorities in real time
  • Mobile solutions that allow you to view your system through your smartphone or computer
  • Cellular communication that eliminates the need for a phone line
  • Surveillance system that can act as a deterrent to crime and allow for video evidence of criminal acts
  • Home automation including temperature and lighting which can save you on monthly utility expenses
  • Fire and carbon monoxide monitoring which alerts you and authorities in real time