Commercial Security

M&P Security Solutions specializes in customized solutions to meet the needs of your business. Whether you are looking for a basic alarm systems or cross platform security systems integration, M&P has a solution for you. Unlike many other security companies, we take great pride in assessing the specific security goals of each customer to create a system tailored to solving the various challenges of that business.

We offer free on-site security assessments to each of our customers performed by seasoned field technicians. We feel that by involving technicians in the sales process, we ensure that the scope of work is accurately measured in the first meeting.

  • Monitor alarms for burglaries, fire, and carbon monoxide
  • Video surveillance of your business while you are away
  • Liability protection from false claims by employees and patrons
  • Mobile solutions that allow you to view your system using a smartphone or web based browser
  • Customized access control that allow you to monitor your staff entering and existing your business